How to start describing business (architecture)
posted Feb 2, 2011, 1:46 PM by Alar Raabe
  1. Use IBM's CBM method and generic industry CBM to identify the business components (business functions) -- identify three cases for components:
    1. that match fully (exist in generic industry CBM),
    2. that match partially, and
    3. are missing from generic industry CBM.

  2. Map the resulting business components to the existing organizational structure (verify this mapping with the responsibility descriptions of organizational units)

  3. Define the externalboundary (interface) of business system(s) -- identify:
    1. the service types delivered/produced and
    2. the service types required/consumed to both external and internal customers.

  4. Map the resulting service types to the business components.

  5. Consolidate/split business components (business functions) not depending on the existing organizational structure, but depending on the coupling between components (functions).

  6. Define the used/planned business model(s) by defining (according to Osterwalder's method):
    1. customer segments (types)
    2. channels
    3. value offerings (products) -- packages of the predefined services deliverable to the customer segments

  7. Delivered service types on the external boundary (interface) identify the primary business processes, needed to produce services.

  8. If primary business processes are identified, then describe these on very high level -- not yet even the diagram of activities, but inputs, outputs, performers, material resources used/needed, purpose, dependencies, etc. (for example using SIPOC).

  9. Supporting business processes could be then identified from:
    1. the (human and material) resources needed for primary processes -- resources need to be managed, and
    2. the primary and supporting business processes themselves-- processes also need to be managed (planning and controlling).

  10. ...
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